SIP Provider Telmekom (IT) (kb5091)

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  • SwyxWare 11
  • SwyxWare 2015

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Information und configuration hints for SIP provider Telmekom (Italy).


General information

Telmekom is offering a SIP trunk with user authentication. You have received information about UserID, UserName and UserPassword, whereas the naming may differ, or you might have only received UserName and -password. In this case, UserID and UserName are identical.

The actual interoperability tests were executed by ACS Data Systems itself, not by the Swyx TAP.


During creation of the SIP Trunkgroup, profile 'Telmekom IT' must be selected.

In order to assign incoming calls to the correct trunk, it is necessary to configure a SIP URI for the trunk. The assigned number block and the numberformat must be considered.

Numberblock: +39 32 1234560 ... +39 32 1234569
In this case the SIP URI must be entered in the format 032123456*@* .
In the codec settings of the SIP trunk, the codecs G.722 and G.711u may be deselected. The codec T.38 for FAX transmission must be deselected.
IMPORTANT: When connecting to the SIP trunk of Telmekom, it is important to set the UPD timeout value of the used NAT gateway to a value higher than 120 seconds.

Tested Features

  • Incoming/outgoing national calls
  • Incoming/outgoing international calls
  • Correct Calling Line Identificaion (CLI) on national and international calls
  • CLIP No Screening
  • Holding and retrieving calls
  • Toggeling between two calls
  • Call transfer
  • Conferencing
  • Mutually supported codecs:
    • G.711a
    • G.729
  • Incoming/outgoing DTMF signaling in accordance with via RFC2833
  • FAX transmission via G.711


Test date:
27/03/2017 with SwyxWare 2015 R40.0.0

Overview of tested SIP provider


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