macOS Client 1.6.1 released (kb5021)

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Release of a new Client Version (1.6.1), which fixes the display errors and the crashes caused by the Plantronics SDK occurred recently together with macOS High Sierra (10.13).


As of now the version 1.6.1 of Swyx Desktop for Mac OS is available in the iTunes Store. The version fixes several problems which can occur after a macOS update on 'High Sierra' (10.13). These include display errors within the call transfer menu, as well as crashes of the software which are related to the integrated Plantronics SDK and USB adapters. The Plantronics SDK is therefore being disabled in the version 1.6.1, but can be enabled optionally. This is a temporary solution until a working SDK from Plantronics is available.

Further explanation: When the app is used on High Sierra, then the Plantronics SDK is switched off by default. As a consequence, the app crashes do not occur anymore, and Plantronics headsets are usable as mere audio device without support for the Plantronics h/w buttons. The user may enable the Plantronics SDK from the app’s Settings screen on his own risk, though. The behaviour only affects macOS 'High Sierra' and not older macOS versions. As soon as a working Plantronics SDK will be available for macOS 'High Sierra', this will be incorporated and enabled by default in the next Swyx App again.


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