Inclusion and editing of SwyxPLUS VisualGroups Web Extension in own skins (kb4988)

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  • SwyxPLUS VisualGroups

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This article describes how to edit the new SwyxPLUS VisualGroups functionality and to include it into existing skins.


Please refer to the Skin Editor Manual for general information. Knowledge about the content of the manual is necessary to understand the steps described in this article.The corresponding article can be found here:

The Swyx VisualGroups web extension may be customized to be used with other skins.

System requirements: The VisualGroups setup on server side must be completed and the admin configuration has to be finalized. In Addition the selected user must be part of a queue to see the changes in ‘SwyxIt!’.

Including the Web Extension:

To add a new web extension to include the Visual Groups Web Extension, right click on the SwyxIt! window in edit mode and select ‘New..’. In the dialogue window select ‘SwyxIt! Web Extension’ and click ‘OK’.

To include the Visual Groups functionality, go to the ‘SwyxIt! Web Extension’ tab in the new dialogue that opened.

In the ‘Event Handling’ category, select ‘Load Skin’ to have the Extension available on start up of SwyxIt!.

To include the Queue, use the following link:


To include the Statistics, use the following link:


Please note that a Visual Groups Enhanced License must be available to use the statistics feature.


Resizing the Web Extension:

In Editing Mode, click the queue or statistics web extension. Move to the ‘SwyxIt! Web Extension’ tab and see the width and height attribute to resize the web extension.

To ensure that contents of the web extension use up all the space and fit to size, check the ‘Load Skin’ option in the ‘Event Handling’ category.

The URL contains and associated zoom level that can be edited to scale the contents up and down and fix the contents to the frame of the web extension.

The zoom factor can be edited at the end of the URL: http://%ActiveServerName%/visualgroups/uservg.aspx?language=%{HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Swyx\ClientSetup\,Culture}%&zoom=78


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