Sennheiser wired headset integrated within SwyxIt! / NetPhone Client (kb4976)

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  • SwyxIt! 11
  • SwyxIt! 2015
  • Sennheiser headset wired

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Within the Swyx Technology Alliance Program (TAP) the wired headsets from Sennheiser were successfully tested with SwyxIt! / NetPhone 11 and therefore reach the certification level 'Certified'.


The following wired headsets were tested with Sennheiser HeadSetup™ Software v7.3.4903 and SwyxIt! / NetPhone Client:

  • Culture SC 30 USB CTRL
  • Century SC 660 USB CTRL

Furthermore the performed tests are applicable for the following devices of similar type:

  • Culture SC 60 USB CTRL
  • Culture Plus SC 40 USB CTRL BLACK
  • Culture Plus SC 70 USB CTRL BLACK
  • Culture Plus Mobile SC 45 USB CTRL
  • Culture Plus Mobile SC 75 USB CTRL
  • Circle SC 230 USB CTRL II
  • Circle SC 260 USB CTRL II
  • Century SC 630 USB CTRL
  • Circle SC 230 with USB-ED CC 01
  • Circle SC 260 with USB-ED CC 01
  • Century SC 630 with USB-ED CC 01
  • Century SC 660 with USB-ED CC 01

SwyxIt! / NetPhone with HeadSetup™ 7.3:

SwyxIt - v11.00.2821.0

CLMgr.exe - v11.00.0.195

SwyxIt!.exe / NetPhone Client.exe - v11.00.0.171

SwyxIt - v10.40.2694

CLMgr.exe - v10.40.0.191

SwyxIt!.exe / NetPhone Client.exe - v10.40.0.166

Sennheiser HeadSetup™ - v7.3.4903


It is recommended to configure the device as standard audio device and standard communication device in the operating system.

In HeadSetup™ application the connected device should be set automatically as standard. If more than one Sennheiser device is connected you need to select one as default manually. The default softphone may be configured here, too.

Performed Tests

The following functional categories were tested with the Windows clients:

  • automatic device configuration (plug & play)
  • incoming and outgoing calls
  • hook off, hook on and reject calls
  • hold and toggle calls
  • microphone mute
  • volume control
  • redial
  • Easy Disconnect

All tests succeeded and were performed with Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

SwyxIt! / NetPhone Client was configured in a standard way, no special settings had to be made.

Test date: 31.10.2017


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