SIP Provider Versatel (DE) (kb4559)

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Information und configuration hints for SIP provider Versatel (Germany).


General information

Versatel is offering SIP trunks with user authentication. You have received information about UserID, UserName and UserPassword, whereas the nameing may differ, or you have only received UserName and -password. In this case, UserID and UserName are identical.

Along with the authorisation information, Versatel also checks the public IP address of the SwyxWare server. Therefore, you need a static, public IP address from your ISP assigned to the SwyxWare server. It is also possible to use a NAT server with a static, public IP address and appropriate port forwarding. In that case, it is necessary to configure a STUN server in the properties of the SIP trunk group, under the tab 'SIP'. A list of public STUN servers can e.g. be found at


Versatel will assign indivual Registrar and Proxy server for each customer. These, nevertheless must be addressed as ''. Therefore it is necessary to adjust the host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) on the SwyxWare server accordingly.

For a Versatel SIP Trunk, It is necessary to configure a SIP URI in order to properly assign inbound calls to the correct trunk.
Assigned number block:  0049 231 12345600 - 0049 231 12345699. Versatel always signals the called party number in the mentioned format with country code, therefore the SIP URI in the form of '0049231123456*@*' must be configured.

Number formatting
On every outbound call, the calling party number must be signaled in international format including the countrycode. To achieve this, special number replacement for the outbound calling party number must be configured.
Assigned number block: 0049 231 12345600 - 0049 231 12345699. Special number replacement for the outbound calling party number:
+49231* --> 0049231*

Calling number signaling
For correct calling number siignaling on outboud calls, the SwyxWare has to send the P-Asserted-Identity header (PAI)in the INVITE request. This functionality miust be configured via the Windows registry. Additional information can be found at Support of feature ClipNoScreening for SIP trunks (kb3905).
The SIP trunk was created with the name of 'VersatelTrunk'.
Assigned number block: 0049 231 12345600 - 0049 231 12345699.

Create a new registry key:

Within the newly created registry key, create new registry value of type String, name it SIPNetworkProvidedNumber
With the given number range and the number format above, set the value of the SIPNetworkProvidedNumber to  '0049231123456'.
Important: Starting with SwyxWare2013 R3, the PAI will be send per default. But even in this case, the procedure above must be applied. Other wise, the format of the PAI does not meet the requirements of Versatel.

Versatel expects a Session interval of 1800 (seconds) on outbound calls. The prevent reINVITES which would slow down the call establishment, a new DWORD value HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Swyx\LinkMgr\CurrentVersion\Options\SipSessionTimerIntervalSeconds can be created with an assigned value of 1800 (decimal). After creating this value, the LinkMngr service must be restarted.

For your convenience the generated CustomProviderProfiles.config is available for download at the end of this article. Extended information about how to use this file can be found at Configuration and Adaptation of SIP Providers via Provider Profiles (kb3436).
Important: From SwyxWare2013 R4 on, the provider profile for Versatel is already available in the list of provider profiles and the CustomProviderProfiles.config is no longer necessary.


Tested Features

  • Incoming/outgoing national calls
  • Incoming/outgoing international calls
  • Correct Calling Line Identification (CLI) on national and international calls
  • Holding and retrieving calls
  • Toggeling between two calls
  • Call transfer
  • Conferencing
  • Mutually supported codec:
    • G.711a
  • Incoming/outgoing DTMF signaling in accordance with via RFC2833
  • T38 negotiation an d FAX transmission


  • CLIP No Screening is not supported must be requested separately from Versatel

10/12/2013 with SwyxWare2013 R3
19/12/2014 with SwyxWare2015

Overview of tested SIP provider


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