Swyx Collaboration Pack (kb4171)

Le informazioni contenute nel presente articolo riguardano i seguenti prodotti:

  • SwyxIt! Collaboration Pack
  • SwyxIt! Headset H410 (DECT, monaural)
  • SwyxIt! Headset H391 (Bluetooth, monaural)
  • SwyxWare v7.00

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Swyx proudly announces the release of the new Swyx Collaboration Pack.

This is a pure client update including some new skins. The SwyxServer will not be updated. No update licenses are required.Swyx Collaboration Pack requires SwyxWare v7.0.

Please note the included readme files.


The highlights of the Swyx Collaboration Pack are the new improvements in the area of Online Collaboration and the  Peer-to-Peer Video Integration. Beyond this the Collaboration Pack supports several new headsets and the new SwyxPhone L615.

  • Swyx Netviewer Integration: By integrating “Netviewer Meet” a collaboration service offered by the Netviewer AG located in Karlsruhe, Germany, SwyxIt! provides a service which allows you to hold one to one Online Collaboration sessions up to interactive webinars with 100 internal and external participants. Using this new feature is quite easy: With internal partners also running the Swyx Collaboration Pack a collaboration session can be initiated by just a single click as soon as the call to the partner is established. If you like to start a collaboration session with an external partner or a partner which is not using a compatible SwyxIt! an invitation email, containing a link to the hosted web session, will be created automatically.
    The first time you use the Netviewer integration you have to register for the service which allows you to use it 30 days for free. After this period you can subscribe for this services from Netviewer AG.
  • SwyxIt! Meeting: Beside the Netviewer integration the Swyx Collaboration Pack provides an additional Peer-to-Peer collaboration tool, which enables the user to share his desktop or dedicated application windows with an internal partner running the Swyx Collaboration Pack. In addition to this the user can grant the partner the control over his desktop. SwyxIt! Meeting is developed by Swyx to substitute Netmeeting under Windows Vista and Windows 7. With the condensed feature set and the Peer to Peer approach it is the ideal free of charge and easy to use tool to start an instant collaboration session with internal participants during a call.
  • Collaboration Plug-In Interface: Swyx Collaboration Pack provides an interface, which allows the integration of additional collaboration tools via plug-in technology. Thereby 3rd party vendors and system integrators get the opportunity to integrate their collaboration applications seamlessly and effectively into SwyxIt!. The documentation of the interface is available on request via the Swyx Technology Partner Programme.
  • SwyxIt! Video: A further integral part of the Collaboration Pack is SwyxIt! Video, a Peer-to-Peer desktop video solution to make video calls between internal SwyxIt! users. Just by connecting a standard, MS Windows compatible WebCam at the PC you are able to contact an internal partner, running the Collaboration Pack, via video call.
  • Support of new devices: In addition to the new collaboration features the Swyx Collaboration Pack supports a number of new, innovative headsets and the new SwyxPhone L615 which are added to the Swyx product portfolio. Detailed information regarding these products can be found within the updated device datasheet or in the following KB articles:

Swyx Collaboration Pack is available on the download section on the Swyx homepage from now.


Swyx Updates its Headset Portfolio (kb4144)

Swyx Collaboration Pack requires SwyxWare v7.00.

SwyxIt! Meeting requires Windows Vista or Windows 7.

SwyxIt! Video requires an installed MS Windows compatible WebCam.


As far as software supplied or used by us, includes open source elements the additional terms under apply in addition. An overview which products from the Swyx portfolio include open source elements and which open source license is relevant can be found under

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