TPP: Audiocodes Mediant 1000 - SwyxWare v6.20 (kb4037)

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  • SwyxWare v6.20
  • Audiocodes Mediant 1000

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The SIP Gateway Mediant 1000 from Audiocodes has been certified by Swyx TPP.
From now on this device will be listed as "tested Product"  on the website of TPP  (

All neccessary features and compatibilities needed for certification have been passed through an interoperabilitytest.

You will find a list of all tested capabilities in a document attached to this article.

Currently there can be just one registration for each physical gateway device. 
One Registration per Gateway (per IP-address), only.
Registrations per endpoint are currently not possible!

It is inoperabel to register multiple SIP-identities into SwyxWare coming from the same gateway device.
If the AudioCodes device is coming with several trunkmodules (e.g. BRI / PRI / FXO / GSM / a.s.o.) you will need to configure the specific callrouting for each module on the Mediant.


Configuration of SwyxWare administration:

The Mediant will connect to SwyxWare in gateway-mode.
Therefore you need to create a new trunkgroup, first.
Select the grouptype "SIP Gateway". You can use the existant profile "SwyxConnect".

Take notice of the numberformat!
During our tests we used the numberformat "Subscriber" and it was practical.
Depending on the country your SwyxWare is used and depending on each used mudule in your Mediant it maybe neccessary to customize the format.

Create as usual a new trunk and activate SIP registration.

Afterwards activate the P-Asserted Identity header in SwyxWare. The following KB-article can be helpful for that.

Activating P-Asserted Identity (RFC 3325) for SIP Gateway Trunks (kb4028)


Configuration of the Mediant:

The AudioCodes Mediant provides multiple configuration capabilities .
This article will be confined to the needed configuration to operate with SwyxWare. During the test we used firmwareversion 5.60. For any further configurations please contact the AudioCodes support.

Please connect to the Mediant's webinterface by using a browser. We recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox because we experienced some problems with MS InternetExplorer during our test.
Login. (Per factorydefault the username and password is "Admin").
It is needed to change the view from "Basic" to "Full" to make all neccessary paramters visible. Additionally it maybe useful to change the view of each menu to "Advanced Parameter List".

general Configuration of SIP:
navigate to Protocol Configuration- > Protocol Definition -> SIP General Parameters

all red marked parameter are relevant

Mediant SIP General
Mediant SIP General
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Proxy and Registration:
navigate to Protocol Configuration- > Protocol Definition -> Proxy & Registration

Mediant Registration
Mediant Registration
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navigate to Protocol Configuration- > Protocol Definition -> Proxy Sets Table 

Mediant Proxytable
Mediant Proxytable
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navigate to Protocol Configuration- > Protocol Definition -> Coders

Mediant Codecs
Mediant Codecs
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navigate to Protocol Configuration- > Protocol Definition -> DTMF & Dialing

Mediant DTMF
Mediant DTMF
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Supplementary Services:
navigate to Protocol Configuration- > SIP Advanced Parameters -> Supplementary Services

Mediant Supplementary Services
Mediant Supplementary Services
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Mind the special admin configuration:
As long as there is no destination field defined, the Mediant does not accept any outgoing call. 
In SwyxWare it is mandatory to use the TO-Header parameter for destination.
You need to browse the adminpage of the Mediant: (http://ip-adresse/AdminPage) (mind the capital letters!)

assign the value: 1

Special Config for Use of TO-Header
Special Config for Use of TO-Header
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As far as software supplied or used by us, includes open source elements the additional terms under apply in addition. An overview which products from the Swyx portfolio include open source elements and which open source license is relevant can be found under

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