Group call rejected (busy) although some members of the group are free (kb3850)

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An incoming call to a group (hunt group type: parallel) may be rejected (cause Busy) if there are many calls delivered to this  group at the same time.


At the same time you can only deliver as much calls as the maximum of the configured lines on a device of this group.


  1. There is a group using SwyxPhone S315 only. During ringing the SwyxPhone S315 are busy for a second incoming call.
  2. There is a second incoming call, all SwyxPhones are ringing.
  3. If there is a second incoming call before anyone picked up the first call, all SwyxPhones of the group are busy. Hence the call will be rejected with the cause 'busy'.

The concurrency of calls often occurs in scenarios which deliver many channels (e.g. 60) to one group.

As a workaround you can

  • change the hunt group type to sequential, rotary or random
  • include another device like SwyxIt! or SwyxPhone Lxxx, which are able to configure more lines. If there is a SwyxIt! in the group mentioned above with eight configured lines the ninth call will be rejected.
  • configure a call queue.


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