SwyxIt! and audio problems of Vista (kb3595)

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  • SwyxIt! v6.12
  • SwyxIt! v6.11
  • SwyxIt! v6.10
  • SwyxIt! v6.02
  • Microsoft Windows Vista

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When SwyxIt! is installed on systems with Windows Vista (without SP) problems with audio are possible


SwyxIt! and audio problems of Windows Vista

Due to changes within Microsoft Windows Vista compared to Windows XP problems within the audio area could occur.

Audio processing was removed from the kernel level and moved to the user space similar to standard applications. Now audio has not the same priority as in Windows XP and in this way distortions, glitches and drop outs are possible in audio playback and other applications like VOIP (IP-Telephony) are possible.

„Steve Ball, Program Manager for Sound in Windows Vista by Microsoft, says: Even an average Windows machine today is commonly used simultaneously as a media player, word processor, presentation projector, spreadsheet number cruncher, authoring tool, photo editor, media server, video recorder, music composition tool, communications device, search engine, virus detector, data compressor and decompressor, and backup manager. And these are only a few of the possible tasks and processes that are run at the same time on the hundreds of millions of Windows machines that are in use today. Each of these tasks or processes, in isolation, would hardly tax the resources of modern PC hardware. But in our multi-tasking world, unavoidable resource conflicts do sometimes occur between the huge and diverse ecosystem of Windows hardware that enables these tasks. Even on the most expensive, brand-new machine, occasional glitches can occur if and when the system attempts to divide its finite resources among these multiple, diverse, independent, power-hungry activities.”

This concerns Windows Vista in combination with SwyxIt! and a local sound device (soundcard), P230, P250 or a USB-Headset.

Applying CTI-Mode this problems won’t occur.

We have tested the final release of Microsoft Vista Service Packs 1. We have done comprehensive load tests with SwyxIt! 6.02 and 6.11 and did not experience speach quality problems any more.
Microsoft has improved the audio processing in this SP. Therefore Swyx recommends to use this SP now.

Attention: Because of changes in Windows Vista SP1 it is not possible any more to use a headset attached to the P250. Please see also:
Headset connected to Handset P250 doesn't work with Windos Vista (SP1 and 2) and Windows 7 (kb3817)(This article is only availaible for Swyx Partners. If you are not a Swyx Partner, please contact your Swyx-Reseller for more information).


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