Support for SIP Links without registration (kb3101)

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  • SwyxWare v5.01

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Since SwyxWare version 5.01 Hotfix 2 it's  possible to configure SIP Links without registration. Providers often use the term "Gatewaymode" for this SIP functionality. The difference is, that these SIP Links don't need to send a SIP Register message to the provider, they are ready to be used immediately after configuration.


In case you want to use SIP links without SIP registration you just need to enter the text "noregistration" into the field SIP registrar at the SIP link configuration tabpage. If you are using the SIPProviderProfiles.config XML file you must set the attribute "registrar" to the value "noregistration". This is an intermediate workaround to avoid changes in SwyxServer and SwyxWare Administration. With the next main release of SwyxWare an own configuration option will be available for this feature.

All other configuration fields can be used as described inside the manuals.

For outgoing calls the hostpart of the calling party will be filled with the configured realm of the SIP link and if this is empty with the configured proxy.

Incoming calls will be signalled via this SIP link if the IP address of the configured proxy matches the sender of the incoming SIP Invite message, or if the hostpart of the To-header contains the configured realm.

The SwyxLinkManager expects to receive the SIP messages at port 65002! Therefore you need to configure at the remote side (the SIP provider), that all SIP messages are sent to this port! In case a firewall inbetween the SwyxWare and the SIP provider is in use you can configure a port forwarding from the public IP address/port 5060 to the internal IP address/port 65002 at the firewall.



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