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There may be occasions when it is no longer possible to access Remote Inquiry from an external source either because you have diverted your calls to another location or you do not have your own direct dial number. This article explains how using the graphical script editor you can create a single user that allows you to access any users Remote Enquiry.


The Global Remote Inquiry works in two parts, firstly we create a simple call routing user which allows users to call into the system on a single telephone number and then transfers the call to the users own extension number. Secondly, every user who uses remote inquiry needs to load a script which checks to see if the call is being transferred via the Global Remote Inquiry user and then goes direct to the Remote Inquiry pin validation if this is true.

How does it work?

To achieve a Global Remote Inquiry we have to use two simple scripts, one on a call routing user and one on every user who requires access to their own remote inquiry even where they can not gain access.

The call routing user contains a simple script that performs 3 actions

  1. Changes the Calling Party Number to 9999 through the use of VB Script IpPbx.CallerNumber = 9999
  2. Asks the user to enter their own extension number
  3. Transfers the call to the entered extension number but with the option 'Proceed With Destination Script' selected.
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The script associated to all users also performs 3 actions

  1. Checks to see is the Calling Party Number is 9999
  2. Removes the fake calling party number again Through the use of VB Script IpPbx.CallerNumber="" This is to ensure that the option of divert to the number you are calling from is not given as the calling number is 9999
  3. Starts the standard remote inquiry
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Installation of the Global Remote Inquiry User.

  • First copy the .zip file at the end of this article and extract it to the SwyxWare Server.
  • Next create a new user for the Global Remote Inquiry and allocate it a DDI/MSN number.
  • Now copy the file GenRI.wav included in the .zip file to the voicemail folder of the new user (Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Swyx\Share\Users\GlobalRI\PhoneClient\Voicemail)
  • Next select the Global Remote Inquiry user from within Swyx Administration and open up the Call routing Manager.
  • Select 'New Rule and Choose 'Graphical Script Editor' when prompted
  • Now select file and import and browse to the GlobalRISystemUser.rse also included in the .zip file
  • Save, Close and Activate the Script

Installation Remote Inquiry Script to all users

  • Through Swyx Administration select a user that requires Global Remote Inquiry and then select Call Routing Manager.
  • Click 'New Rule' and choose Graphical Script Editor when Prompted.
  • Select File and Import and browse to the GlobalRIAllUsers.rse File included with the .zip file.
  • Save, Close and Activate the New Script and promote it to top of the call routing manager
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Repeat for every user who wish to use Global Remote Inquiry

Using Global Remote Inquiry

  • Call the telephone number give to the Global Remote Inquiry User
  • When Prompted Enter your own Extension Number
  • When Prompted Enter your own Remote Inquiry PIN Number
  • Continue as Normal


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