Sending emails with SMTP authentication (kb2970)

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  • SwyxWare up to v5.0x

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When the SwyxServer sends a voicemail, this is always done without SMTP authentication. The mailserver must therefore allow this kind of access. Today, a lot of mailservers (also internally used ones) are no longer accessible this way for security purposes. Since SwyxWare itself does not offer SMTP authentication up to and including v5.0x, the use of external tools is necessary. One of the easiest is SMTPAuth. Since SwyxWare v6.00 this is not required any more.

All informations given regarding the configuration of SMTPAuth refer to version 2.00 - Newer versions can of course look different, but the basic configuration should at least be similar.



SMTPAuth is available as freeware and can be used without any limitations. Informations about the program can be found on this website:

A discussion group is available at and the program itself can be downloaded at

The best way to use this program is to install it on the same machine that runs the SwyxServer service. The installation and configuration is quite simple, but will be described here anyway to make things even easier for you.

After the installation, the configuration dialogue will appear. On the tab "General", please configure SMTPAuth to be started for all users. The option "Accept only connections from localhost" should be kept active, or otherwise SMTPAuth will become an open mail relay!

The setting "Save data to" must be set to "Registry (HKLM)".

Now we continue to the tab "Accounts". Please click on "Add" to create a new account, for example named "SwyxWare". In "SMTP-Server" you have to enter the name or IP address of you mail server. Port 25 for SMTP is preconfigured, normally this setting should not be altered. In "Username" and "Password" please enter the login data of your mailserver, that is needed for the mailaddress that is used by SwyxWarer to send voicemails.The preconfigured local port 25 should also not be altered - This is the port where SMTPAuth can be contacted locally. Now all that is left on this tab is the configuration of the "Login method" for you mailserver - After this, the account is complete.

The last tab that we need is named "Windows-Service". Please activate the checkbox "Use the Windows Service", then click on "Install" and "Run".

If the status information does not change to "Running" after you clicked on the button "run", it is possible that you need to restart the server before the SMTPAuth-service can start correctly.

The last step is to give the SwyxWare the new target that is used for sending voicemail: Just open the SwyxWare administration and configure the IP-address or the name "localhost" as the SMTP-Server.

The SwyxWare will now send the voicemails to the SMTPAuth service, which relays them to the real mailserver - Now WITH SMTP authentication.


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