SwyxFax v1.31 (kb2855)

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  • SwyxFax Client v1.31
  • SwyxFax Server v1.31

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Swyx releases SwyxFax v1.31. This articles describes all changes and improvements in regard to the previous verison.


Changes in SwyxFax Server:

  • With SwyxFax Server v1.31 Swyx introduced a complete new installation wizard, now based on Microsoft Windows Installer Technology. If you want to update from v1.30 to v1.31, just run the provided MSI file. SwyxFax Server versions before v1.30 cannot be updated directly. In this case you need to read chapter 3. Updating an existing SwyxFax installation of the included readme.rtf file !

    Following prerequisites must be given before you can update your SwyxFax installation to v1.31:

    • The most recent ISDN board drivers should be installed. The drivers are provided with SwyxWare v4.20 (or later) or can be downloaded from the Swyx web site.
    • Your SwyxServer must have been updated to v4.20 (or later).
    • The SwyxFax license keys must be at hand. The license keys must be entered within the SwyxWare Administration (not as before within SwyxFax Administration) before you can conduct the update;

    Also make sure that the number of SwyxFax users matches the number of your SwyxWare users. Please note that the minimum of both numbers will determine the valid number of fax and telephony users.



Changes in SwyxIt! Fax / SwyxFax Client:

  • The application name was changed from SwyxIt! Fax to SwyxFax Client .

  • This version only supports the operating systems Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT 4.0 Workstation are no longer supported.

  • A complete new Windows Installer based installation process was introduced. SwyxFax Client is not added to the Autostart folder during installation any longer, nor automatically launched after the installation.

  • SwyxFax Client doesn’t need any local admin privileges any longer.

  • New HTML based online help.


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