Creation of d-channel logs with HST Saphir Boards (kb2460)

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  • SwyxWare all versions

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For a proper analysis it is often necessary to monitor the activity of the ISDN board on the d-channel. For this purpose we have included a special program on the SwyxWare installation CD (and also in the updater packages), the tool "SaphirTrace". This program is not automatically installed with the SwyxWare, it has to be added manually.


The tool "SaphirTrace" can be installed from the SwyxWare CD. The installer is located in the folder "\ISDN\HST\Saphir\Tools".

When started, the SaphirTrace asks for the tracing levels for "Application" and "ISDN" - Please choose "few" for Application and "high" for ISDN.

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The logfiles will be created in the folder "C:\Program Files\HST High Soft Tech GmbH\SaphirTRACE\data". Each log consists of a set of three files: One .cdm, one .pro and one .txt file. SaphirTrace creates a maximum of five sets, which are simply numbered from one to five. If five sets are created, SaphirTrace will start to overwrite old sets.

Please make sure that you send us the correct - meaning the latest - of the sets. It is advisable to pack the whole set into one file with WinZip or something similar.

There is one more important tool on the CD: The SaphirMonitor. It is normally used to find out how many and which b-channels are currently occupied, but it can also be used to find out whether the physical connection to the S2m line is working or not. This tool can be installed from "\ISDN\HST\Saphir\Tools\SaphMon". When you start the tool, you will see the current status of the d-channel in the upper left corner. If the "CON" LED is not lit and there is no status information, this means that the physical connection to the S2m line does not work. Most of the times this will be due to a wrong or damaged cable.

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If this test fails, there is no need for d-channel traces until the physical problem is fixed, because the whole line will not work at all anyway.

Most of the time when a problem with the ISDN line occurs, also a tracing of the SwyxGate- and the SwyxServer-service is recommended. Further information on the tracing options of the SwyxWare services can be found here:


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