Changing the tracing level of the SwyxWare services (kb2444)

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All SwyxWare services are capable of writing more or less detailed logs about their activities. Normally only events marked as "error" or worse are logged into the file.

For a detailed analysis however it is often necessary to have a more detailed look at the activities of the services. To do this, we have multiple ways, which will be described here.


The tracing level can be set individually for each service. This is done with a number of registry values per service, where each value controls the tracelevel of one function of the service.

There are multiple ways to change the registry values. It is of course possible to change them manually, but this is complicated and not really recommended.

We have prepared registry files which set - when imported - will activate the tracing of the services on a level that should normally be high enough to find almost all problems. These files can be found on the SwyxWare CD (and also in the update-packages) in the folder "\Tools\Tracing\On" and can be imported with a simple doubleclick. From this moment on, the respective service - there is one file for each service - will write traces on the new levels.

Since those traces will get quite big real soon, it is recommended to set the tracelevel back to the normal settings after the diagnosis. The files to do this can be found in the folder "\Tools\Tracing\Off" and work the same way as the others.

Sometimes it can be necessary to change single values, if the standard settings are not sufficient. There is a tool named "IpPbxTraceFlags.exe" on the CD in the folder "\Tools\Tracing", which can be used to change the tracelevel for specific functions of a SwyxWare service.

This tool should only be used after prior consultation of the Swyx support.

The tracefiles are written to the folder "C:\Dokuments and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Swyx\Traces". Further information is available in the Knowledgebase article:



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