Check Outlook Calendar for Conference Room (GSE) (kb2378)

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Since SwyxWare v4.10 on the Conference feature with the so called virtual Conference Rooms is available. This article describes how to connect the access to your conference rooms with an Outlook calendar so that there must be an appointment within the calendar first to be able to enter the room.

This call routing can be done using the Graphical Script Editor as also with the Call Routing Manager. This article describes the script using the CRM.


To setup a conferene room you have to configure extensions for the conference user. By doing this you are able to setup any number of conference rooms which are accessible by any user (internal or external) as long as the extension is known.

It might be of interest to restrict the access of one or all conference rooms. This article will demonstrate how to setup a script checking with an Outlook calendar first if there is an appointment configured.

Please note that the conference user can be connected to just one Windows user account. Therefore there will be one calendar only regardless how many conference rooms you have.

Please note that this article is meant to be an example, the following "restrictions" would of course also be possible:

  • internal or external callers only
  • defined callers only (identified by their caller id)
  • access at certain dates and times only
  • access if there was entered a valid PIN only, see:
    Check PIN for Conference Room (GSE) (kb2377)
  • or combinations of the above


Installation of the Script

  • Download the file at the end of this article and unzip it.
  • Start the Call Routing Manager for the Conference user.
  • Create a new rule using the New... button.
  • Select the Graphical Script Editor and click on OK.
  • Open the menu File | Import...
  • Select the file kb2378_ConferenceCalendar.rse. The rule will now be imported and will look like:

    GSE Script
    GSE Script
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  • For the "Play Announcement" block you can either record your own announcement or use the "..." button to select the provided wav file.
  • Save the rule using the menu File | Save.
  • Close the GSE and activate the rule within the Call Routing Manager.


How the Script functions

The script checks if there is an appointment set in the conference user's Outlook calendar.

Situation: Outlook Calendar
Situation: Outlook Calendar
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If so the script connects the call to the conference room using the "Connect To" block with the "original destination" as target. If no appointment is set a special announcement will be played and the call terminated.

Terminate Call
Terminate Call
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How to handle several Conference Rooms ?

You are able to configure any number of extensions to the conference user and therefore create any number of conference rooms. If you want to have a call routing for one or the other conference room you have to check for the called conference room within the script first. The following example shows 3 conference rooms (300, 301 and 302). For these rooms it is shown how to add own call routing. All additional rooms would be connected directly.

Several conference rooms
Several conference rooms
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Scripting for several conference rooms
Scripting for several conference rooms
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Get conference room
Get conference room
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