Reset CDR call IDs and CDR file Index (kb2322)

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  • SwyxWare v4.10

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SwyxWare v4.10 assigns a call id for each call detail record. This ID is incremented for each CDR. The last used ID is stored in the database so that SwyxServer can continue assigning IDs even after a restart.

CDR files are numbered with an index too. The last used index is stored in the database too, so that SwyxServer continues using the last CDR file after a restart instead of creating a new one.

This article describes how to reset both indices.


To reset the CDR call IDs and the CDR file index to 1 the last used values have to be reset. These values are stored in the database. To reset them you can use a VBScript named ResetCDRIDs.vbs which is located in SwyxWare's program folder \Program Files\SwyxWare\. Start it with a double click. A warning is displayed which has to be confirmed by clicking the Yes button.

The script needs Windows Script Host 5.6


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