Trace of SwyxWare SMTP communication with mail server (kb2146)

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  • SwyxWare from version 3.20

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To send voicemails SwyxServer communicates via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) with the configured mail server. SwyxServer can log all SMTP traffic for troubleshooting. This can be enabled by setting "SrvMQueue" trace module to "Info3"


To enable SwyxServer's SMTP logging do the following:
  1. If SwyxWare tracing was never enabled, doubleclick on the following file from the SwyxWare installation CD: \Tools\Tracing\IPPBXSrv TraceFlags.reg
  2. Start IpPbxTraceFlags.exe which can be found in the same folder as above.
  3. From the "Select Program" drop down list select "IpPbxSrv".
  4. In the "Trace modules" listbox select "SrvMQueue".
  5. Click on the selected word in the "Level" column which opens a drop down list and select "Info3".
  6. Click ok to apply the setting and close the program.
To disable SMTP traffic traceing start IpPbxTraceFlags.exe again and set "SrvMQueue" to "Error".

WARNING: This setting writes a SMTP trace file for each voicemail SwyxServer sends. Switch it off immediately when finished troubleshooting.

SMTP traffic trace files are named smtXXX.tmp where XXX is an arbitrary hexadecimal number. The files can be found in the service accounts local temp folder which is usually located at: c:\documents and settings\<service account name>\Local Settings\temp <service account name> is the SwyxServer service account name. Use Windows 2000 services MMC snapin to retrieve the name if you don't know it.


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